I'm Ready to Write Again :)

Hey everyone…

In usual Jodi fashion over the years…my blogging has been hit and miss due to….LIFE aka self doubt, time, lack of the right words to write to inspire, lack of support, lack of desire and too many things on my plate. (Big surprise there, right? HA!)

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A few months back I told a dear friend that I was thinking about writing again, that I felt I was ready, that I was missing “MY THERAPY” and that I so wanted to get back to it not only for myself but to keep inspiring others as well.

I’ve prayed about it for months as I want my writing to come from the heart…whether I have something fun and humorous to share or whether I have something serious to share. I am not good at set themes or writing on certain days…I like being able to write when the feeling hits and that is exactly what I am going to do. I have no plan…I am praying that God and the Universe will trust me with their work and help me to serve my purpose through them guiding my words.

On that note, I have been waiting for the right thing to use as my first blog post of 2019. And yesterday I found it. My Auntie Ton lent me her copy of Whispers from My Heart: Learning to Quiet the Noise by Tony Garcia and I just love his daily messages.

Yesterday’s message touched my heart and soul in ways I cannot describe. I swear I needed to hear EVERY SINGLE WORD in that message and I knew I was meant to read it yesterday and that I am supposed to share it with all of you. I know at least one of you out there needs to hear these words and believe them.

I will be sharing more about my life as it is now, what I am up to, and updating you all as time goes on.

But for now…this is enough. Read it, embrace it and believe it my friends.

Much love to you all!


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