My "comeback" HALF marathon training weeks 1-6/11

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Yep, you read that right!!! I am coming back to the HALF marathon racing :) Well, my type of racing anyway!!!

After a long 2.5 year hiatus due to health/life issues...I am so super thrilled to say I am coming back and I am now on week  7 of training for the Crazy Horse HALF Marathon in October.  I had meant to post and document each week's training but life happens and obviously I did not get it done!!!

A lot has changed in the last few years since I last ran my first ever FULL freaking marathon in Honolulu December 2014 followed by my last and best ever half marathon in Fargo 2015 with a huge surprise-to-me time of 2:10!!! With my #keepingitreal philosophy, here are the changes:

  • I am now 15 pounds heavier which truly makes a difference
  • I have not been able to get good control of my eating.  I do good for a week and then fall off the wagon.  
  • I am 2.5 years 47!!
  • I have worked out/run/done yoga off and on for the last 2.5 years but nothing truly consistent which means I did not have a good base built up leading into this training.
  • My health is better and we are working on some issues but great news is I have been able to train for 6 weeks now without running my system down and having to quit!!!! That's HUGE!!  I have been fighting terrible allergies and am working with a doc on that and waiting for an allergy shot serum to try!! 
  • My running confidence....well, let's just say it's gone and I fight the mental part of running with every single run I do.  WORK IN PROGRESS
  • My pace has slowed immensely.  I was running 9:30-10 minute miles FINALLY in May 2015 and now the last 6 weeks have been running 11-14 minute miles.  (I am still using the run/walk method)
  • My hubs and I have recently bought a new shop/house combo for our glass business, Bowman Glass and spent the summer building an office/reception area/storage loft and moving.  NOT EASY! House still isn't moved but we have moved enough to get us by to live out here and will be working on cleaning out the old house and selling it. We are still busy with the business and that is a huge focus and takes most of our time.  We have also added etching services with the help of Amanda and dear friend/old neighbor Robin. 
  • New blog:  Previous:  I have pretty much lost all of my content from all of those years running :( But it was a choice I had to make when switching. And slowly getting back into blogging!!! 
  • Granddaughter Audra Kathren is now 2 1/2 years old!!!!


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My current training looks like this:

  • Monday: yoga
  • Tuesday: Run
  • Wednesday: speed workouts with a group of us doing the Crazy Horse Half Marathon (that's another whole story in itself...speed workouts...holy crap!!)
  • Thursday: Run
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday or Sunday: Long run/rest day the other

It's definitely been an adjustment getting back into the training mode but I honestly love it.  I feel parts of ME coming back that I have missed for SO LONG!!

On Sunday I did my longest run in 2.5 years... 8 freaking miles. I admit I was freaked out about it and did it on the treadmill due to wind, heat and smoke in the air. I took it slow and was amazed at how great it felt!! However, I must admit...I am scared shitless.  I am just not sure if I will be ready for 13.1 in just 5 weeks.  Starting without a solid base with only 11 weeks to train probably isn't the best idea ever...but my body is holding up healthwise and physically and my main goal is just to finish.  Of course I have a time in mind but I also know reality!!! 


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To my benefit though are the once a week speed workouts I do with a group of amazing ladies that are also doing the half.  I have always done speed workouts during training with my daughter Amanda, but we both admit doing them as a group is TOTALLY different.  

This is honestly whole new territory for me.  I have NEVER done group running workouts. EVER.  Okay, so I went out for track one year in seventh or eighth grade, quickly found out it wasn't for me and became manager instead to be part of the team and chase boys...DUH!) I have only run with my daughter.  I am so thankful and blessed that the group of ladies I run with are so supportive and encouraging.  And I know these workouts push me beyond what I think I can do and will help me tremendously!!! 

In #keepingitreal again, Jodi's speed workout reality: 

  • I am usually the last one = humbling
  • Bladder issues = embarrassing ... BUT...have figured out a temporary solution thanks to a friend! Email me if you need help in this area as I know how embarrassing it is!!! 
  • mental blocks...I give up on myself pretty easily 
  • self doubt
  • Have only ever run just for the fun of it and to see what I can do.  I have never really learned how to push myself or learned what my limits are.  
  • fear of the workouts and can I actually do them
  • PRIDE...always PRIDE after each workout knowing that I did what I could and truly feel I did my best even if self doubt and mental blocks get in the way. 

So, even though I am once again #scaredshitlessbutdoingitanyway, despite all doubts, fear, mental blocks....I will suck it up, I will do my best and I will keep on keeping on all the while keeping it real :) 



Much love to you all!