Life Happenings in Review ~ 5/8/17

Hey everyone!

I seriously cannot believe how time flies...the last month has been a whirlwind of LIFE HAPPENING :) and so I thought I would just jump on and join sweet Miss Katie of The Healthy Diva in her MIMM post for Monday!

This time, since it's been a month I am just doing a quick recap...and unfortunately don't have many photos! Shocker, I know. 

Work at the shop has been keeping us steady and busy with some late nights here and there and busy weekends...all of which we are super thankful for.  The hubs and I are running the place on our own at this point so it keeps both of us hopping for sure!! 

My aunt and uncle from Washington were here for the last 3 weeks and we loved spending time with them as well! My aunt even got to help the hubs get a start on planting our combined garden at their place.


We've had some play time and snuggle dates with Little Miss Audra Kathren :) And Grma JoJo was lucky enough to get to decorate Easter eggs with Green handed Audra and mommy!!!


I am about a month into my new weight loss group and am loving the support from the women.  As stated in my last Life Happenings in Review post, I hit 159.2.  I have been bouncing back and forth for the last few weeks and last night weighed in at 155.  I'll take it.  I've been working on making little changes here and there, trying to focus on more proteins and fruits and veggies and just making healthier choices in general. I know my body is adjusting to all of the years of yo yo dieting and it's going to take time.  Frustrating for sure.  

My exercising is finally getting more back on track and that feels great and my body seems to be handling so much better than it has the last 2 years so for that once again I am super thankful. I am slowly trying to up the intensity of my workouts but keeping my treadmill workouts around 1.5-2 miles and working on intervals, etc.  Weather here has been off and on so hoping to get back outside a few mornings a week as soon as possible!!

Mornings still a huge struggle bus for me even though I know that's when I need to get my hiney up and workout! So, I just do what I can when I can!!  

The main thing I am dearly missing is my yoga.  Due to many reasons and most often working late or helping out with Little Miss Audra, I have missed many classes.  They are twice a week during the evening and those are taking a hit!!! I am super blessed and happy when I am able to make one class a week at this point!! My heart is always heavy and a little empty when I have to miss or when I choose to miss.  You all know how dear yoga is to my heart...and my instructor...and yoga and Dr. Dixie have taught me so much and continues to teach me on a daily basis.  I WILL BE BACK!  My yoga extends far off the's a part of me and a part of my soul.  

Here's to another day, another week...of doing what works for each of not compare yourself to others...yes, you can use others for inspiration, but remember, your journey is YOURS!!!! 

Much love to you all!