Steph's Take Care of Yourself Tuesday



Hey everyone!

I reached out to my dear friend Steph for some help with today's blog post. I told her I wanted something sweet, fun,cheery, short and simple. 

And she came up with this....and I super fluffy heart love it so I am just reposting as she emailed it to me! {Thanks, Steph!!}

What do you do to take care of yourself?

Have a treat? Go out with friends? Get an extra few minutes of sleep?...

What is your ‘guilty’ but shouldn’t be guilty pleasure so that YOU are your best you?

For me personally, I have two favorite guilty pleasures!! One is SLEEP....yep sleep!!! I can shut my brain off, the bed, pillows and sheets feel so comfy....ahhhhh...nothing like a good nap....and number two for me are my treat latte's on Wednesdays!!! Oh how I look forward to them! ~Jodi

Share YOUR guilty pleasure below...and maybe your idea will rub off on someone else!!

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