Listen to your Soul Whispers

It is so hard to believe Thanksgiving 2017 is over and that we are heading into the CHRISTmas season.  However, I truly had a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend and am so thankful for so many blessings.

#soulwhispersbyJodiAnn  Photo taken by me at our new place.       

#soulwhispersbyJodiAnn  Photo taken by me at our new place. 



I headed into the 4 day weekend with BIG plans of getting so much done around the house, personally, boxing up more stuff at the old house AND being on top of my work stuff to start the week fresh.  I just knew with 4 days I would have time to relax AND to get sh$t done!!

Well, let me just say not much of the above got done, but what I did get done and take time for was: 

  • A few of us came together and threw together a very last minute Turkey Trot for those in our local area and took a free will donation and thanks to the 30ish very generous walkers, we were able to give a $220 donation to the Frontier Travel Center to help pay for some Thanksgiving meals!!
  • I took a nap on Thanksgiving Day
  • I got to putz in my new kitchen baking buns and a pie and watched recorded episodes of Dr. Phil!! :) 
  • Had a fun Thanksgiving supper with the kiddos
  • Stayed up late!
  • Slept in til 10am one morning!
  • Went shopping with my daughter and Granddaughter and then had a coffee date with my Little Miss, went shopping some more and Boppa and I played with Little Miss. 
  • Played Skipbo with our daughter!! We used to play games and cards all the time and have gotten out of the routine!!
  • Got in 2 amazing walks and meditations in gorgeous weather!
  • Putzed on my house and cleaned a little teeny tiny bit and put away a couple more boxes of stuff from old house.
  • Did some blog research!
  • Went with Robin and Amanda, Little Miss, Olivia and Sophia to an open house which was so much fun!
  • Visited with my Grandpa Roy!

(I did snap a few photos over the weekend but am short on time today to share those here, so feel free to go browse my Instagram Account or my personal Facebook page or my Facebook page!

In other words, I filled my SOUL...I listened to the gentle nudging of my soul whispers telling me what I truly needed...and that was a break from the go-go-go that our world tends to slow down and enjoy what is most important.  I took time to really listen to what was making me happy at the moment and I also listened to what wasn't making me happy.  I had some fun new ideas come through and I let go of some others without even trying!! 

Was I ready for Monday morning...nope not one bit but you know what, I am surviving!! And my heart and soul are happy for the moment and I am aok with that!! 

Much love to you all!


PS: For those of you interested, a few of us will be having a little Christmas Fun starting Dec 1-Dec 31 with our #ChristmasSocksRockChallenge2017 where we wear fun Christmas and/or fuzzy warm socks through the month of December and post them on Facebook and/or IG using the #ChristmasSocksRockChallenge2017!! Bring out your inner child and join us...and what the heck...get those kiddos involved!! And no, you don't have to have a different sock each day!! Only us crazies have 31 ish pairs of socks!!! Just wear, wash and repeat :)