What would YOUR cup or shirt say?

I absolutely love all of the captioned cups and shirts that we can get now.  SO FUN! And being the cute cup collector that I am, I have a hard time passing some of them up!! (I have a deal with the hubs that I can only buy a new one if I throw one away!) 

And the shirts...don't get me started!! So many cute ones!!! 

Anyway, all of these captions I see have really got me thinking about which categories I fall into.  I don't necessarily fit the "mama needs coffee" stage because I am a mom to a 28yo daughter who is on her own, married, has a 2.5 year old daughter of her own plus a baby on the way!! So, am I still a "mom"??  I'm definitely not the "mama needs coffee" category as I don't have littles running around me constantly.  

mama needs coffee.jpg







Audra Kathren New Baby.jpg

I AM a very proud grandma aka GrmaJoJo!!! However, once again since the hubs and I had Amanda so young, we found ourselves to be empty nesters very early on and now at 47 and 50 we are grandparents to an amazing 2.5yo little girl!! {and if you didn't catch it above...another grandbaby on the way!!} So, again, I don't fit the stereotypical "grandma" either.  But trust me...that title holds very dear to my heart.  

Life has a funny way of playing out with blessings that we don't even realize until later in life and we are able to look back on them.  And it's funny how out of the blue suddenly something so simple as a captioned coffee cup or tshirt can make you stop and wonder where you fit in...if you do at all!


Now don't get me wrong, I KNOW I fit in...I just can't figure out where I am for sure!! :) And I would not trade being a wife, mom, grandma for anything. 

There is nothing like hearing the words "Ma"...

which my hubs calls me...29 years married and going strong! Not bad for marrying at 17 and 21 AND running a business together for the last 5 years.  "Ma" fits me great!!!

..."Mom" from my amazing 28yo daughter...this is so endearing to me but yet the hardest to comprehend where I am.  Obviously she does not need me to be the helicopter mom anymore.  I like to think she still needs me and trust me, I treasure our relationship and am blessed that she puts up with me still!! It's just hard to find that "Mom" place right now.

...and "GrmaJoJo" from my granddaughter Audra.  Priceless!! I have a "Grandma JoJo" coffee cup that Amanda and Robin made me for Christmas and I absolutely love it.  That one makes my heart smile!! I fit in there!!! :) 

Those are words that are dear to my heart and my best accomplishments in life.  

So, in the meantime I'll just be over here trying to find the perfect cup that describes where I am in this wife/MOM/Grma life...and yes, I know a cup or shirt with a saying doesn't define me even if I feel I don't have my own "category"...

but it IS great food for thought and makes me count my blessings even more! I wouldn't trade any stage of where I am for anything!!!!

And for now, I'll just stick to the running shirts and generic shirts that best describe me :) 


How about you? What's your favorite captioned cup or tshirt that represents you RIGHT NOW in your life