My SOUL has a HOME :) Does yours?

Hey everyone.  

Other than your physical home you live in, do you have a place where you can go that just feels right? Where you just feel like you belong? Where your SOUL feels at HOME?

It has taken me a while to find mine...and to realize where that place is but over the last year or so I have known without a doubt.

For me, mine is Dr. Dixie's yoga studio.  Yep!! Sound strange? Maybe to some of you but I bet to others not so much.

My daughter Amanda and I started taking yoga classes from Dr. Dixie starting with her very first class a few years ago.  I started out just going to support my friend and to help with stretching out this body and to help with my yoga.  I had no other intentions than that.

To my surprise, over the course of the has become a part of me and a part of my soul.  There are so many different types of yoga out there and I truly believe you have to keep trying to find the one that FITS YOU! I find myself yearning to learn more about the yoga philosophy and how to apply it on and off the mat.  

During the first few years I rarely missed a class but unfortunately over the last year my attendance has not been the best due to various reasons {excuses}-depends on how you look at them!

However....the minute I walk into the studio, I feel at home and like I have never left. Our yoga kula {family} is amazing...always welcoming with smiles and jokes and occasionally a few hugs.  My soul is so happy there, I feel so protected and loved and at peace......

YOGA is my home {and running of course too!!}...and Dr. Dixie's yoga studio and our amazing kula are the HOME for my SOUL as well!! 

Thank you to Dr. Dixie, my daughter and all of our yoga kula for creating such an amazing HOME :) 

My wish is for all of you to have a HOME for YOUR soul....

Much love to you all