Life Happenings in Review ~ 5/15/17

Happy Monday!!!  I'm once again joining sweet Miss Katie of The Healthy Diva in her MIMM post for Monday!

This week ~ photos and #hashtagstyle :)  aka: Short and sweet-no Jodi's rambling and babbling :)


#tuesdaymorning5amclubwithmygirls #exercisingwasprettygoodthisweek

#tuesdaymorning5amclubwithmygirls #exercisingwasprettygoodthisweek

#gorgeousviewwhilemowingmyforest #neighborsappletree

#gorgeousviewwhilemowingmyforest #neighborsappletree

#hardwork #progress #shopgirl #exhausted

#hardwork #progress #shopgirl #exhausted

#rewardafterhardwork #bloodymary #yum

#rewardafterhardwork #bloodymary #yum

#155twoweeksinarow #yoyo #iwillbreak155thisweek #4poundsgonetotal #2.7thischallenge #audrakathrencutetoes

#155twoweeksinarow #yoyo #iwillbreak155thisweek #4poundsgonetotal #2.7thischallenge #audrakathrencutetoes

#mothersday #myworld #mybabygirls

#mothersday #myworld #mybabygirls

Life Happenings in Review ~ 5/8/17

Hey everyone!

I seriously cannot believe how time flies...the last month has been a whirlwind of LIFE HAPPENING :) and so I thought I would just jump on and join sweet Miss Katie of The Healthy Diva in her MIMM post for Monday!

This time, since it's been a month I am just doing a quick recap...and unfortunately don't have many photos! Shocker, I know. 

Work at the shop has been keeping us steady and busy with some late nights here and there and busy weekends...all of which we are super thankful for.  The hubs and I are running the place on our own at this point so it keeps both of us hopping for sure!! 

My aunt and uncle from Washington were here for the last 3 weeks and we loved spending time with them as well! My aunt even got to help the hubs get a start on planting our combined garden at their place.


We've had some play time and snuggle dates with Little Miss Audra Kathren :) And Grma JoJo was lucky enough to get to decorate Easter eggs with Green handed Audra and mommy!!!


I am about a month into my new weight loss group and am loving the support from the women.  As stated in my last Life Happenings in Review post, I hit 159.2.  I have been bouncing back and forth for the last few weeks and last night weighed in at 155.  I'll take it.  I've been working on making little changes here and there, trying to focus on more proteins and fruits and veggies and just making healthier choices in general. I know my body is adjusting to all of the years of yo yo dieting and it's going to take time.  Frustrating for sure.  

My exercising is finally getting more back on track and that feels great and my body seems to be handling so much better than it has the last 2 years so for that once again I am super thankful. I am slowly trying to up the intensity of my workouts but keeping my treadmill workouts around 1.5-2 miles and working on intervals, etc.  Weather here has been off and on so hoping to get back outside a few mornings a week as soon as possible!!

Mornings still a huge struggle bus for me even though I know that's when I need to get my hiney up and workout! So, I just do what I can when I can!!  

The main thing I am dearly missing is my yoga.  Due to many reasons and most often working late or helping out with Little Miss Audra, I have missed many classes.  They are twice a week during the evening and those are taking a hit!!! I am super blessed and happy when I am able to make one class a week at this point!! My heart is always heavy and a little empty when I have to miss or when I choose to miss.  You all know how dear yoga is to my heart...and my instructor...and yoga and Dr. Dixie have taught me so much and continues to teach me on a daily basis.  I WILL BE BACK!  My yoga extends far off the's a part of me and a part of my soul.  

Here's to another day, another week...of doing what works for each of not compare yourself to others...yes, you can use others for inspiration, but remember, your journey is YOURS!!!! 

Much love to you all!


#OOLA For Women Book Review ~ Book launches TODAY!!

Are you ready to find some balance in your life?  Is it even possible??  

If you are having any of those questions, I have just the thing for you!!

I first heard about OOLA a few years ago and even hosted an online book club featuring OOLA Find Balance in an Unbalanced Life and I was immediately hooked.

Needless to say, when I had a chance at to do a blog book review of the new OOLA for Women book written by the Oola Guys, Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl with Janet Switzer, I was completely excited and honored!! 

Like the first book, this one did not disappoint.  

If you are new to what the OOLA craze is all about, here's just a quick overview:

"oo-la (noun): That state of awesomeness. It is when your life is balanced and growing in the seven key areas of life - the 7 F's of Oola (fitness, finance, family, field (career), faith, friends and fun)."

And this time the focus is on women...for those of us who feel like we are juggling too many things, yet not accomplishing anything and still not taking ME time like we need to. 

Dave, Troy and Janet bring us a plan!!!! Come on, don't we all love a plan?  

First, they share their top tips from each of the 7 F's of OOLA (fitness, finance, family, field (career), faith, friends and fun) and share stories from REAL WOMEN that you will definitely find relatable.  And, it's such an easy read!! You will be hooked immediately and will not want to put the book down.  So many great SIMPLE tips that you can start implementing in your day immediately!!!  

To wrap up the book, they bring you the plan....aka The OOLA WHEEL which helps you figure out a starting point and helps you tune into your OOLAblockers and OOLAaccelerators. {these are the habits, beliefs and attitudes that either hold you back or move you forward} From their you progress through figuring out your plan and your path!! All with guidance!! 

My book is honestly highlighted like crazy and I just want to share a  few "teasers" that jumped out at me:

"Right now is simply where you are, not WHO YOU ARE."

"Don't get caught up in the HOW.  Instead, focus on why improvement in this area is important to you."

Such simple statements, but big AHA moments for me!!! 

Everyone's journey with OOLA for Women is going to be different but remember, that's what life is your unique authentic life that is meant for YOU.  Not anyone else! And here is a great way to help you figure this all out!

Do yourself a favor and grab this book TODAY!!! Today is LAUNCH DAY for OOLA for WOMEN! Go grab a copy here or here.  Treat yourself and/or treat the women in your life...Mother's Day IS coming up soon!!! {HINT HINT :)} 


And remember, you are worth it!!


Life Happenings in Review ~ 4/10/17

Hey everyone!!! Happy Monday!!

I am so missing documenting life happenings and so am going to jump back in with Katie of The Healthy Diva Life !!  She documents her weekends with photos and either hashtags, one sentences or whatever she feels. I love this concept and am going to do my best to link up with her.  And if you aren't following sweet yourself a favor and do it now!

Last week we were lucky enough to have some of Mike's family here from Washington!!!

My niece, Alli and her friend Josie helped me out at the shop!



Due to choosing to spend time with family over working out, I did not get a workout in until Saturday but it was awesome and I did a quick treadmill workout, strength workout and meditated!!


The hubs and I were thrilled to have our granddaughter, Little Miss Audra Kathren over for a sleepover and we had so much fun snuggling, building a fort, baking and washing dishes!!


Photo Apr 09, 10 38 20 AM.jpg

I also got to take Little Miss to our dear little friend Sophia's birthday party last night!!!

And...I joined a weight loss support group last Sunday 4/2/17....I knew the first week was going to be hard but I wanted to at least get in a slight rhythm....but man I did not do well as I didn't adjust my eating to family dinners and yesterday I attended another meeting...I so can not do this weight battle on my own anymore and have decided to reach out for help...I am at the second heaviest I have ever been and it's a battle my friends!!! And in KEEPING IT REAL for you I started out at 156 and gained 3.2 pounds this last week...holy crap....moving forward!


This morning the hubs and I got to drop Little Miss off at daycare...and I was snapping a photo of the monthly calendar...and she snuggled in and said, "Cheese" of course Grma JoJo took advantage of the opportunity for this cute pic!


Wishing you all a great week filled with making memories, being productive and feeling joy and happiness!!


Steph's Take Care of Yourself Tuesday



Hey everyone!

I reached out to my dear friend Steph for some help with today's blog post. I told her I wanted something sweet, fun,cheery, short and simple. 

And she came up with this....and I super fluffy heart love it so I am just reposting as she emailed it to me! {Thanks, Steph!!}

What do you do to take care of yourself?

Have a treat? Go out with friends? Get an extra few minutes of sleep?...

What is your ‘guilty’ but shouldn’t be guilty pleasure so that YOU are your best you?

For me personally, I have two favorite guilty pleasures!! One is SLEEP....yep sleep!!! I can shut my brain off, the bed, pillows and sheets feel so comfy....ahhhhh...nothing like a good nap....and number two for me are my treat latte's on Wednesdays!!! Oh how I look forward to them! ~Jodi

Share YOUR guilty pleasure below...and maybe your idea will rub off on someone else!!

(Also, if you leave a comment you are automatically entered in a drawing for a free special surprise from ItWorks :)  Comments must be posted by Wednesday night 2/8 at 10pmMST!)


Addicted to chaos and busyness?

Hey everyone!! It's been a while again, but what's new? And I really need to stop saying that!!

The last few weeks/month or so I have really been working on quieting the clutter in my brain!! You know what I'm talking about!!! The crazy bubbles that keep going in your head, the nonstop chatter of "I need to do this." or "I didn't get this done." Yadda yadda yadda!!  The neverending feeling of never accomplishing enough or having enough time.

I have always been a big promoter of babysteps and the #imperfectionmovement and I truly thought I was doing that very well in my life...HOWEVER....

due to my all or nothing attitude, I tend to take on too much at one time and always worry about letting others down...and this has led to some major clutter in my brain. 

I've started to I addicted to chaos? am I addicted to being busy? Hmmm...

I didn't think so, but now that I've been working on slowing down, taking a few steps back from a few things...I am finding I am starting to HEAR MYSELF AGAIN.  I am SLOWLY...and I am not kidding you...VERY SLOWLY starting to realize what's truly important for each day. I have a super long ways to get there...but I will!!! 


So many lessons in this world for us to much information out many fun things to do....and I am for it all...

but let's not forget the most important gifts God gave us and focus on them....HIM, Jesus, faith, family and friends!!!!  

Much love to you all! 




I AM a freaking MARATHONER!!!

Two years ago today I ran my first ever (and only so far :) ) freaking FULL marathon. The whole experience was surreal -

from being chosen by my amazing Coach Amanda of RunToTheFinish to be a part of the Saucony 26 Strong Program which included full sponsorship and all fees paid -

to training with my dear friend Dixie Bachmeier by my side as she trained just as hard for her first marathon as well but on her own without the sponsorship and social media frenzy that I had -

to having my daughter Amanda Rafferty who had planned on running with us until she found out she was going to have a beautiful precious baby so instead sucked it up and trained beside me daily and every single run I went on -


to a very supportive hubs and family and friends. (I still get teary eyed when I think of all of this! How blessed I truly was!)

The training was one of the hardest things I have ever done but yet one of my most proud things accomplished and I couldn't have done it without the support of so many. And thanks to my dear friend Robin Rae Osendorf-Welch, I had a crew of friends and family running beside me virtually during the marathon!!

And, I just knew greater things were coming and that 2015 was going to be my year of personal records, pushing this body to see what I could do and races and I just felt the running world was mine :) I was so ready for more!!! And it started out great...I came back eventually after a very slow recovery from the marathon and managed to PR my Fargo Half Marathon!! And then knew I could do even better!! 

However, I can't say the marathon had the story book ending as I had hoped as THAT SHIT WAS HARD, I felt like giving up at mile 19 {I still feel like I gave up on myself and Coach Amanda was amazing and never gave up on me}, I hit THE WALL, my digestive system was NOT happy with me and made for an absolute miserable last few miles (and many days following-so much that I never did get my Pina Colada on the beach with my arse in the sand like I had dreamt of) and I swear I barely remember crossing that finish line?? Thank God for photos or I wouldn't believe it!! 

(To this day I have not treated myself to anything MARATHON related...I just feel like I didn't deserve it.) 

Why? Being the people pleasing person that I am who just wants to make everyone happy, I tend to worry way too much and punish myself for things that didn't go right or if I hurt someone.

Truthfully, for the first time in a long time I was putting myself first and taking it all in and it felt great!!! (Although this whole experience was so out of my comfort zone I was a nervous wreck a lot of the time in Honolulu!) However, I feel like I let myself get caught up in the flurry and craziness that came with the social media and my Saucony obligations.  I didn't realize it at the time but I let people down, I hurt their feelings and it hit me like a brick wall after and I am still trying to forgive myself.  

So, no the storybook ending was not there...but as I reflect on this today {dang writing is great therapy!!}, I had the storybook ending meant for ME and the story is MINE!!!

No, I did not hit my goal...but man I got to help a teammate in her time of need out on the course...Coach and I didn't even need to talk about stopping to help was a mutual agreement that I will never regret and I am sure Coach does not either.  Did stopping for around 30 minutes cause my digestion issues...maybe.. but it is what it is.  I would do it again in a heartbeat. 

No, I did not get to do some of the things I wanted or spend as much time with those people I wanted to the most...and dang all I want is to go back and sit my arse on the beach with a pina colada for more than 5 minutes with Coach Amanda, my daughter Amanda, Dixie and Scotty :)... and I did not get the chance to introduce Coach Amanda and Dixie to one another!!!! but I got to go to Honolulu and meet some amazing people...and run in a freaking MARATHON with dear friends and my daughter by my side. (Seriously, I keep having dreams that we are on vacation at a beach...and I NEVER MAKE IT TO THE BEACH!!!)

No, I did not get to truly enjoy or savor the after marathon seriously folks, I was miserable from the digestive issues but I RAN A FREAKING MARATHON!!!!!!!!!!! and although it was not pretty...I hope that I inspired some people along the way by keeping it real and staying true to myself!!! 

No, 2015 was NOT the year I had hoped and 2016 has not been either....the digestion issues have continued to this day, my body has not been the same, my Hashimoto's has been tough to get under control.....BUT I am listening to my body better, I am finally back to run/walking 2 miles 3 times a week!!!! 

My main regret that haunts me to this day...was not being able to be with Dixie at the start of the race as we ALWAYS do and get my DIXIE HUG...and we did not get to see each other at the end of the race or meet up that day at all.  That weighs huge on my heart.  (But, I did get to go cheer her on as she ran her 2nd full freaking marathon this fall...and I GOT to hug her at the start, cheer her on, support her and hug her like crazy at the end!!!!) LOVE YOU DIXIE.

Will I run another FULL MARATHON? YES!!! I will!! But it won't be for a while. Must take care of me and my body, plus life at our shop is so busy I just honestly don't have the time...and my hubs still hasn't recovered fully....seriously friends...when you run a marathon you MUST consider the toll it takes on your spouse!!!  Just keeping it real.  

However, I WILL train again for more half marathons.  Those are my favorite and I am hoping to run one in the spring of 2017!!!!!!! 

As my dear Coach Amanda says... FORWARD IS A PACE!!!!!!! And I AM A FREAKING MARATHONER!!! Time to go find myself something special that says it!! :) 

Much love to you all


My SOUL has a HOME :) Does yours?

Hey everyone.  

Other than your physical home you live in, do you have a place where you can go that just feels right? Where you just feel like you belong? Where your SOUL feels at HOME?

It has taken me a while to find mine...and to realize where that place is but over the last year or so I have known without a doubt.

For me, mine is Dr. Dixie's yoga studio.  Yep!! Sound strange? Maybe to some of you but I bet to others not so much.

My daughter Amanda and I started taking yoga classes from Dr. Dixie starting with her very first class a few years ago.  I started out just going to support my friend and to help with stretching out this body and to help with my yoga.  I had no other intentions than that.

To my surprise, over the course of the has become a part of me and a part of my soul.  There are so many different types of yoga out there and I truly believe you have to keep trying to find the one that FITS YOU! I find myself yearning to learn more about the yoga philosophy and how to apply it on and off the mat.  

During the first few years I rarely missed a class but unfortunately over the last year my attendance has not been the best due to various reasons {excuses}-depends on how you look at them!

However....the minute I walk into the studio, I feel at home and like I have never left. Our yoga kula {family} is amazing...always welcoming with smiles and jokes and occasionally a few hugs.  My soul is so happy there, I feel so protected and loved and at peace......

YOGA is my home {and running of course too!!}...and Dr. Dixie's yoga studio and our amazing kula are the HOME for my SOUL as well!! 

Thank you to Dr. Dixie, my daughter and all of our yoga kula for creating such an amazing HOME :) 

My wish is for all of you to have a HOME for YOUR soul....

Much love to you all 




Christmas Socks Rock Challenge 2016



It's that time again!!! Time to bring out that inner child to celebrate the CHRISTmas season :) 

If we all could see the world through eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything. ~Chee Vai Tang

For the past few years, a few of us have come together and had some wearing Christmas socks or warm fuzzy socks every day through December!! Just because we can!

No, you do not need to run out and buy 31 pairs of Christmas socks or warm fuzzy socks to participate! {Although 3 new pair may or may not have jumped into my shopping cart at Shopko yesterday :) } Use what you have.  Be creative.  Make your own :) 

Here are the rules:
* Each day you wear a pair of Christmas socks of warm fuzzy socks, post a picture to Facebook and tag me {Jodi Tivey} in it so I can see your socks and/or post a picture to Instagram using #CHRISTMASSOCKSROCKCHALLENGE2016. 
*Comment here or email me at to let me know you want in on the challenge so I can keep track of everyone!
That's it!! Keeping it simple!! Just have fun!! 

As an added bonus, there WILL be prizes this year!!! {If anyone would like to donate a prize that would be great!!! Just contact me at!!} 

Prizes will be given at the end of the challenge and will be given for:




* UGLIEST SOCKS {Be sure to tell us this is your UGLY SOCK ENTRY when you wear them so we don't hurt your feelings and pick the wrong pair!!} 

Let the fun begin!!!!!







I'm back....AGAIN :)

Hey everyone!! Boy, I have no idea when my last post was...but the main thing is, I am back yet again!!! Hopefully this streak lasts longer!!

For those who have followed over the years, I used to blog over at and now I have started a new one!  Unfortunately, at this point I cannot access any of my old posts but am hoping to still get back in there! So, for my newbies, check out my ABOUT section to see what I'm all about!

I know it's going to take time to get my followers over to this one and to build up my following but that's okay.  Sometimes a fresh start is a good thing!! And please bear with me as I get this blog looking how I want it to!! 

To update you on where I am now compared to the last time I likely posted...I can tell you not much has changed :) Hubs and I are still running our glass shop and we are still loving on our daughter, son in law and granddaughter!! 

I have had some health issues that have kept me from running and practicing yoga how I want over the last 2 years since my marathon in Honolulu in December 2014 but this last month my daughter Amanda and I have slowly started back up following the C25K program by running/walking and it feels watch, no pace per mile, no heart rate, no nothing...just listening to the C25K app and running/walking just because!!  Not gonna lie...I am craving a LONG run a 10+ miler...!!! And I cannot wait to get back to training for my next half!! Hopefully in the Spring of 2017! 

Amanda and I have also started a Let's Get Moving 5am Run/Walk Club that locals can join in person or anyone can join virtually!! Just email me at or find me on Facebook at Jodi Tivey or for details! 

As far as yoga, my heart is still there and I must admit it's been hard feeling like I have had to start over but it's all good! I'm attending class mainly once a week and every once in a while I manage a second class! However, having to step back has made me refocus on proper form, alignment and quite honestly, the emotional/spiritual part has come into full play even more than before and I love it!! 

I think that about wraps it up...looking forward to reconnecting with you all and meeting new "friends".  Please feel free to share this blog with anyone you think might be interested!

This blog has been and will always be my therapy...and I hope in turn I can do the same for you...whether it means just bringing a smile to your face or brightening your day!!! If I can touch one's all worth it and my heart is happy!!

Much love to you all!