Hey everyone! Welcome to my new blog! {formerly known as TouchingYourHeart.net}

I am a 46yo wife, mom, Grandma & business owner with my hubs.  

I have a passion for pretty much anything fitness related...from running, to yoga to walks with my daughter, Amanda and granddaughter Audra. You will often find Amanda and I doing fun workouts/challenges together and hope to bring a few your way!! #motherdaughterfitness.

 I also have a passion for making a difference and inspiring...all the while keeping it real! 

My hopes for this blog are to inspire you...make you smile...and make you realize we are all on the same journey....LIFE :) There are no secret pills, no magic potions...

It comes from inside...we must truly do the work INSIDE before we can see the results on the outside...and yes, sometimes it's a messy journey that we feel we cannot win...but WE CAN...TOGETHER...by supporting one another and keeping it real!! #progressnotperfection #imperfectionmovement